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In the case of rare languages, our freelance interpreters must provide proof of appropriate qualifications and demonstrate experience of public sector interpreting.

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This potentially could occur if the client has not lived in the area for long and is not well known to services, or if the organisation has not complied with policy during the assessment phase. Other information that can be found on the site includes various child care options and how to access them, quality rating information, information on developmental milestones and developmental screenings, licensing requirements, criminal background check requirements, monitoring results, DSS services, etc.

Equal access for all It is imperative that no matter what language a person speaks, that every member of the public within the UK has equal access to public services. Staff are required to work within the remit of local policy, codes of practice, duty of care and their own job role.

These include dental services, vision-related services, and devices that compensate for physical impairments. Several participants highlighted the success of integrated care in the few places where it exists, such as Torbay and Northern Ireland. You will be required to identify a specific problem or issue in related topic in health and social care for research and write a Research Proposal outlining the issues as a problem statement leading to identifying the Research Objectives or hypotheses to be proved.

In Northern Ireland reference is made to independence and choice which is delivered through joint Health and Social Care Trusts. This way I will be able to resolve the problems on both sides of the service users and the care workers.

Future work will include the conduct of a randomised controlled trial to examine the impact of the OHSCAP in terms of improving a range of outcomes, including economic impact.

The organisation provides accessible information about: In these instances, it is very important that only suitably qualified, experienced, and security vetted interpreters are used.

For example, that may mean choosing which hospital to go to, or being given a cash budget to design a package of support and care at home. Introducing the training and development opportunities for all the care workers so that they remain equipped with the necessary skills and competencies of health and social care.

Incorporating best-practice into the delivery of care ensures that risk is managed appropriately and that clients accessing health and social care services maximise their potential.

This policy statement has been developed with advice and guidance from people affected by Parkinson's, health and social care professionals and other experts.

The local medication policy and procedure draws upon numerous pieces of legislation in order in order to apply the law and safeguard the client: Similarly, Ineffective management of risk could result in Mr G requiring increased levels of support further reducing his independence.

Accessible information Having accessible information is a crucial part of participation and independence as this supports the client in making well informed decisions.

Unit 6 Health and Social Care Research Project Assignment

Interpret and evaluate the results in terms of the original research Specification and objectives and make recommendations with justification. The organisation has a responsibility to identify and measure risk and to complete risk assessments which document how hazards can be minimised or prevented.

Descriptive statistics were produced for all quantitative data, and qualitative data were analysed using the constant comparison method.

This results in him repeatedly questioning people about things he already knows the answers to as well as shouting, crying and behaving unpredictably. This way care workers are able to associate with service users and extract essential information. If his communication problems were not adequately addressed, the client is at additional risk of not being able to input his own views during the planning of outcomes and reviews, thus affecting the care and support he will receive.

Rights to independence choice and opinion are additionally promoted by the Human Rights Act within article 10 which states: The support planning policy identifies that the organisation must assume that an individual has mental capacity unless this is deemed otherwise in accordance with the Mental Capacity Act This is required to be justified and supported by review of relevant literature.

Health and Social Care

In most assignments you will have the opportunity to achieve at all levels — Pass, Merit or Distinction — and your highest achievement for each of the Grading Criteria will count.

What we believe We believe that everyone affected by Parkinson's should have the power to exercise choice and control over their care and support needs. It has also made applying legislation and local policy problematic and has the potential to prevent the client from achieving outcomes and opportunities, therefore limiting inclusion and independence.

The need for political support was imperative, everyone agreed. The needs and requirements of these individuals could be assessed easily and accurately.

Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (Children and Young People’s Advanced Practice) (England) Level 5 Diploma - - (from ) Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care Level 2 Certificate - Health and Social Care workers are increasingly in demand to cater for the UK's ageing population.

A growing number of job opportunities are becoming available in this sector. Gain a high-level understanding of health and social care industry practices. Promoting Equality and Diversity in Health and Social Care Posted on June 30, June 30, by Kumba Dauda Everyone should have access to the support and care.

improved quality of health and social care services (the use of ICT guarantees support for care workers’ practices in health and social care settings, including improved communication and effective “management of transitions and recording of quality outcomes” (OECD,p.

). Services include advising family care givers, providing patient education and counseling, and making referrals for other services. May also provide care and case management or interventions designed to promote health, prevent disease, and address barriers to access to healthcare.

If a health or social care professional is unable to clearly and safely communicate with a non-English speaker, this could result in missed appointments and ineffective medical consultations and/or interviews, which poses risks the patient’s health and social wellbeing, including serious harm or death.

Health and social care service
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